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Birmingham's Strength Training Gym for Beginners

In my 13 years of being in and around the fitness industry, I've interacted with hundreds and hundreds of Gym Owners and Trainers both in person and online.

Each of us has our own transformation story and each of us has a passion for helping others change their life through exercise and nutrition.

But something I've noticed among many of these fitness pros is a burning desire to work with athletes or people who are already fit. That's likely because many fitness pros were or still are athletes.

Plus, I have to admit there's something fun about working with someone with great genetics and a burning desire to achieve their goals so strong they'd run through a brick wall if you told them to lol.

But the reality is, every day men and women get left out of the equation more times than not.

Athletes are cool, but they only make up a small percentage of the population.

What most people need...what you and I different than what a 20 year old football player needs.

That's why I started my gym.

To be a Strength Training gym for BEGINNERS!

And I'll be honest, I actually enjoy working with every day men and women more than I like working with athletes. Possibly because now as a business owner, husband, and father of 4, I relate a whole lot more to YOU than I do to the 20 year old football player.

I'm not trying to win a championship. I'm just trying to show up for the people that mean the most to me and to keep showing up for a really long time. Plus it won't hurt if I look good doing just that!

I bet you can relate. I don't talk to many people looking to win championships.

But I do talk to people who want to:

  • Build muscle to improve their slowed metabolism

  • Lose 50 Pounds so their knees and back feels better

  • Have more energy so they have plenty of energy to thrive in their career or to keep up with their grandkids

  • Become fit for the first time in their life because they were never an athlete growing up

  • Build strength so they can get healthy and stay healthy as they get older

The list goes on!

But let me tell you something I realized when I was opening my gym.

There are SO many great coaches, programs, gyms, etc here in Birmingham. We're lucky to have so many great options!

BUT so may of these options are geared towards people who are already fit. Or people who want to be called athletes.

I didn't want to do the same thing.

I wanted to create a gym where every day men and women could come and workout and get healthy and fit with a plan that fits with their lifestyle rather.

I created a gym for beginners.

People new to working out, new to strength training, or people getting back into it after a long break or a major life change.

I created a place for new beginnings.

I created Steel Strength Training.

If you're looking for a gym and program designed specifically with the beginner in mind, I'd love to talk. CLICK HERE and fill out the form. I'll contact you within 24 hours to see if we're a good fit to work together!

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