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  • Nate Johnson

Just Please Don't Eat Like THIS at Christmas Dinner

Christmas is in 4 days, and you’ve got to be ready for Christmas dinner. Mentally prepared ya know?

Are you prepared?

I hope you are. But I’m going to help you out just in case.

I have one piece of advice. As your Personal Trainer and friend, please…just don’t eat like THIS.

Are you ready?

Lean in and listen close.

Don’t be stressin about your fitness goals on Christmas day! Pass the Ham, Turkey, Steak. Belly up for that pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie. And don’t forget to pass the Mac n Cheese ok??

Do it, and do it big. Because sometimes that’s what you gotta do!

I’m not saying to eat foods you don’t like. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But don’t be counting calories, macros, water intake, etc.

Instead, fill your belly and count your many blessings. Many of them will be sitting right next to you.

Consume plenty of food. And enjoy your family!

And if you break out MyFitnessPal at the table I hope someone comes at SMACKS IT RIGHT OUT YA HAND!!

You really can't do much damage in one day anyways. Pinky Promise. You'll eat a lot, you'll hold on to some extra water weight for a few days, and after those few days you'll go back to what you weighed before.

Merry Christmas and much love from the Steel fam!

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