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May Update- My Vision for Steel 2022

I wanted to share a recap of the podcast I posted 27 days ago. Honestly, I can’t believe I only posted it 27 days ago because so much has happened since then.

And just to be clear, I’m referring to the podcast called “My Vision for Steel- 2022”

(Click HERE to Listen or HERE to watch)

In the podcast I laid out my heart and shared everything I planned to focus on in 2022 and everything I want to see happen this year.

I’m doing a follow up to this podcast because so many of the things I said I wanted have already happened. Like way faster than expected! So I’m sharing what I want to see happen next.

But before I share what I want to see happen next, let me tell you what hasn’t changed AND what has already happened.

What hasn’t changed:

  • YOU are still the most important part of this vision. Without YOU there is no vision for Steel. Each of you matters to me individually. I care about your success with us. If there’s anything you need us to do to help you, tell me!

  • We are completely focused on Strength Training, Personal Training, and a Personal Relationship with Each Client.

  • We are committed to bringing Strength Training to Birmingham and beyond.

What has already happened:

  • I’ve already hired Hayden full-time. He started full-time last week! He’s working mostly mornings, every other weekend, and a couple evenings per week.

  • We’ve already added a 5:30am session as well as a 9am 4 days per week

  • We’ve added 17 members since this last podcast

  • We’ve already scheduled our next speaker who will be here June 11th. More on this later.

What’s going to happen next:

  • Grow to 125 clients! We are currently at 79 (up from 62 when I recorded the podcast from April 27th)!

  • Hayden is working on putting out detailed training content

  • Mercy is working on putting out detailed nutrition content

  • Mercy and I are working on an additional nutrition service for those who want a highly personal nutrition experience with daily accountability

  • We’re working to add a Summer Training Program for students

  • I’m working to bring on another trainer full-time in the next 3 months

For those reading this who are NOT clients...we want you to come experience Steel. Come to Steel and let's change your life together.

For those who are currently clients and have seen the life-changing results that come from being at Steel, would you partner with us in bringing this vision to life? Would you bring your friends, family members, and co-workers to Steel so they can change their life too?

We're going to press onward and upward towards the completion of this vision no matter what BUT I would love for YOU to be part of the process!

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