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The One Thing Clients Come to Steel For

When you sign up at Steel, what are you paying for?

I’ll tell you what you aren’t paying for:

1. 24 Hour Access to the Gym

2. Beautiful Equipment

3. The Latest and Greatest Amenities

You Are Paying For:

1. Coaching

That’s it! The entire program is built around coaching:

1. Strength Training 3 Days/Week with a Personal Trainer

2. Nutrition Coaching so You Eat in a Way That Gets Results While Also Being Practical, Enjoyable, and Sustainable

3. Accountability For Both Inside and Outside the Gym

Coaching is VERY valuable!

Information alone is not. Information is everywhere. Information is FREE.

Thanks to the Internet, you can access all you’d ever need to know about Strength Training and Nutrition. Which means you no longer need to come for us because you can’t find what to do online.

So what’s the difference between Information and Coaching?

Information tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. There can even be conflicting information depending on who/what sources you’re looking at.

Information is great, but the problem is you have to:

  • Read the Information

  • Absorb the Information

  • Understand the Information

  • Then, You Have to Sort Through That Information and Choose the Best Course of Action For You and Your Current Situation

Coaching skips all those steps. A good coach:

  • Determines Where You're At

  • Listens to Where You Want to Go

  • Gives You a Plan of Action to Get There

  • Holds You Accountable Along the Way

A coach makes the process incredibly simple and gives you someone to encourage you when you’re down, celebrate with you when you when, and give you the tough love you need at times.

Coaching is the #1 Reason Our Clients Sign Up With Us!

Do you want to learn more about my 12 Week Beginner Strength Training Program? Click here and fill out the form! I'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a zero-pressure phone call to discuss your goals and the details of the program!

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