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What Can I Expect With My First Workout at Steel?

I mentioned the trial session in this BLOG POST about the Journey to becoming a client at Steel. The trial sessions is your first time meeting us; it’s also your first workout with us!

So what can you expect with your first workout?

First you’ll walk into the gym and one or more team members will introduce themselves to you. Then the trainer who will be working with you will let you know where you can put your things, where the bathroom and changing room is if you need to use them, then they’ll let you know what to expect with your workout.

They’ll tell you something like this:

“Here’s the plan for today. We’re going to do a little workout. We do want you to feel like you’ve worked out, but we aren’t doing anything crazy! We just want you to get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. It’s also an opportunity for us to assess your current strength and fitness level. After the workout, as long as we don’t scare you off, we’ll get you signed up! Sound good?”

Assuming it sounds good (you did come in to do the trial session for a reason right??) we’ll hand you a foam roller and a mat and begin your warm-up.

We’ll do a 5 minute warm-up consisting of foam rolling and regular stretching. And don’t worry if you have no idea how to foam roll or even what a foam roller is. We’ll coach you through every step of this process. We regularly work with complete beginners and they do great! So will you!

After you’ve gone through the warm-up, we’ll take you through a 25-30 minute full-body workout. Again, the goal with the workout isn’t to do anything crazy. It’s just an opportunity for you to do a solid workout, get a feel for what it’s like to work with us, and for us to assess your starting point.

First we’ll take you through a bodyweight squat, then we’ll add weight if you can. The squat is such a fundamental movement and getting good at it is so good for strengthening, toning, and improving the endurance in your legs.

Next we’ll do what’s called an RDL, or Romanian Deadlift. We start as light as 18 pounds. The purpose of this movement is to really work your glutes and hamstrings (the back of your legs.) It also teaches you to lift with your legs instead of lifting with your back. This is SO key for people with back pain or people who want to prevent back pain. Which means all of us need to get good at these! Fill out your jeans better and save your back? Sign me up!

Then we’ll move to Push-Ups and Band Pull-aparts. We do these as a superset which means we’ll alternate between the two exercises. Push-ups are great for the chest, arms, and shoulders. Great for strength, definition, and improving shoulder health. Band Pull-aparts work the upper back and back of your shoulders. Between the Push-Up and the Band Pull-apart we’re able to work most of the upper body! And supersetting between a Pushing movement and a Pulling movement will help keep a healthy balance of strength between the front and back of the torso. SO many us, from years of working at a desk and hunching over to look at our phones, are tight and strong in the front and stretched (not in a good way) and weak in the back. Including plenty of pulling movements helps fix this problem!

We’ll do a couple more exercises then you’re done!

Next we’re doing Curls. Yes, good ol’ Dumbbell Curls. Great for strengthening and defining the biceps!

Then we finish with planks! Great for core strength and stabilization.

And that’s it! Once you’ve completed all these exercises, you’ve just completed an excellent full-body workout that hits all the major muscle groups in the body. You’ve also just completed your first workout at Steel!

Now we’ll have you get some water, sit down at the desk, and rest for a minute! Then we’ll come ask you the following questions:

How was the workout?

How are you feeling?

Are you ready to get started?

If you say “Heck no Nate, I can’t stand you and your team and your gym. I NEVER want to see you again!” then you don’t have to sign up! You can run. Run as fast as you can and never look back lol

But if you enjoyed the workout and are ready to get started, we’ll take you through the sign-up process. Setting up your profile and your payment. Then we’ll schedule your next workout, your pictures and measurements, and your nutrition talk! Then we’ll send you home to eat and rest!

We will probably text you a couple hours later telling you how awesome it was to meet you and how glad we are you’re part of the Steel family now!

And we’ll definitely text you the next morning.


Because odds are you’ll be pretty sore!

Our goal is not to make you sore, but the reality is if you haven’t worked out in a while, you’ll probably be pretty sore your first week. You see, not only are you starting in not great shape (Which is ok! That’s what we’re here to help you fix!) but when you haven’t been working out your muscles are very prone to muscle damage. When we workout, it causes stress on the muscles.

After you’ve been working out for even just a few weeks, not only will you be stronger and in better shape. Your body will be less susceptible to muscle damage and thus it will take a much harder workout to make you that sore again.

This is good news, because it means after week 1 or 2 you won’t experience a ton of soreness day to day. You’ll be sore occasionally for sure. But you won’t be nearly as sore as you are in week 1. Even week 2 won’t be as bad as week 1!

All this to say, we’ll text you the next morning because we want to let you know we care. And we’ll probably remind you, “I bet you’re pretty sore right now! Just know that it’ll be way better in a few days. And this is probably the worst your soreness will ever be!”

Sometimes people wonder if they should push their second workout back a day or two because they're still sore. Don’t push it back! Rather, come to the workout and push through! If anything, the movement will have you feeling better and less sore than when you came in.

Also, it’s not bad to train through soreness. Not necessarily FUN, but it is perfectly safe and beneficial to go ahead and get another workout in.

And that’s that ladies and gentlemen. This is what you can expect with your first workout at Steel!

If you’re ready to create a lifestyle change and want to schedule your first workout at Steel, CLICK HERE and fill out the form. I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a ZERO-PRESSURE phone call to see if we’re a good fit to work together. And if we do think we’ll be a good fit to work together, we’ll schedule that trial session (your first workout!)

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