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What Happens When I Skip the Gym?

Let me start by saying consistent Strength Training is hands down the best way to transform your body! I am in no way endorsing skipping the gym as an effective strategy to getting the results you want. BUT life does happen. Life always happens. And you WILL miss workouts. Sometimes weeks at a time. And I'm here to give you some peace of mind! "What happens when I skip the gym?" I get this question frequently. Sometimes clients don't even ask me, but I can tell they feel guilty or frustrated for missing a workout...or two. So I tell them the answer to this question. So what does happen when you skip the gym? Honestly...not much. Not much at all. Missing one or two workouts will in no way set you back. You won't lose any progress. In fact, missing a week or two every once in a while won't set you back at all. And if it does set you back, the loss of progress will almost be zero. In fact, I regularly take a week off of training every 2-3 months in order to better recover from my workouts. This is called "De-load week"- (more on this later.) I just don't plan weeks off for clients because inevitably, work, illness, vacation, family stuff, etc. will take you out for a week. No planning needed lol! The biggest thing you lose from missing workouts is the progress that you would have made from doing the workout. Does that make sense? So you aren't LOSING anything by not showing up other than losing out on what you would have GAINED from the missed workout(s). This is why I do preach consistent Strength Training. Don't miss workouts if you can help it. But it's also why I'm so laid back and encouraging when you do miss a workout. Life happens. And NO, you aren't a failure or lazy or any other negative description that your mind conjures up when you miss a workout. So in summary, show up every chance you get. But when life happens, roll with the punches and get back on the bus as soon as you can. P.S.- Are you ready to transform your body, health, and lifestyle? Do you want to get lean, strong, and healthy without spending all your time in the gym?

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