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Why We Focus on the BASICS at Steel

I was out taking a little stroll between sessions Monday morning and this thought came to mind.

Buckle up. Listen up. Let's go!

Everything we do at Steel is custom tailored to each client.

Now if we rewind back to 2020 to when we shut down for those two months, one of the things we did when we reopened is we started offering, instead of just our group, we started offering 1 on 1 and semi-private (1 on 3). In addition to just the more personal sessions with a smaller number of clients, one of the ways that we added more value to those new sessions types is have a custom tailored workout for each client.

So each client had their own custom tailored workout written on a whiteboard!

This turned out to be a hit! Clients loved it.

Also, clients were getting great results. Better results than they were before the custom tailored workouts. So we started doing the custom tailored workouts for our group clients as well. And we limited those groups to eight people.

Everything we do at Steel is custom tailored. It's personalized to the individual.

Yet, with all that being said, we do a lot of the same things for each client.

We start pretty much everyone with two full body workouts. Workout A and Workout B which the client will alternate between over and over. And most clients train 3 days per week so there's a lot of repetition! Each time we do the same workout again we add a couple pounds, reps, and/or sets.

Once the client meets our strength standards, we start moving to the Barbell.

Of course, the weights and sets and reps we use for each client are exactly what they need.

But here's the thing... the value in our program is not that our clients do some fun, new, spicy, sexy, exciting workout that you've never heard of before. Nothing we do is novel. We don't use insane, possibly idiotic movements that you've seen on InstagramTikTok or YouTube.

We do the same exercises that people have been doing to change their body, health, and lifestyle for years.

The basics.

Getting stronger at the basics works!

Our plan is very methodical. There's a point. It's the fastest way we've found to get you stronger. And the faster we get you stronger, the faster we get you to your end goal. Getting stronger is always a good thing.

Another benefit of focusing on the basics is it teachers you to move properly. That's a huge part of the 2 full-body workouts clients start with. We're just as concerned with improving your movement quality as we are building strength, toning up, etc.

By helping you move better we're laying the foundation for the barbell movements, but it's bigger than that. It's not even that you're just trying to get ready for the barbell. I mean, we love the barbell. But it's not even ultimately about the barbell.

The barbell is just a way to load basic human movements.

There are only a handful of movements we make.

  • We Squat

  • We Hinge

  • We Push Things

  • We Pull Things

  • We Carry Things

Those are the main ones.

At Steel we teach you how to properly move. And once you can move properly, we add load (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc.) to those movements because that's the best way to get stronger, build muscle, tone up, etc.

EVERYTHING we do is about getting you stronger and helping you move better. And the best way to achieve that is focusing on the basics!

If you're ready to ditch the crazy workouts and the quick fixes and START focusing on the basics...we'd love for you to be a client at Steel!

CLICK HERE and fill out the form. I'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a phone call to discuss your goals and the details of the program!

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